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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to follow a specific diet?
    No. There are many healthy ways to eat. People who don't lose weight on many popular diets often feel like a failure. The problem is not you, it is simply that the diet was not compatible with your lifestyle, preferences, or body type. We help you figure out a way of eating that works for you, without turning your life upside down.
  • Do I have to use a medication?
    No.There are several FDA approved medications for weight management, and Dr. Mansukhani is an expert in their uses and in their pros and cons. Medication is a tool for weight management that can help people deal with the biological aspect of their disease. It should be used in concert with lifestyle changes. There is no magic pill, and using medication may or may not be appropriate in your case.
  • Do you offer surgery?
    No. Dr. Mansukhani is an Endocrinologist (hormone specialist) who is a medical (not surgical) weight management physician. She has many years of experience managing the medical pre- and postoperative care of patients undergoing the various types of bariatric surgery, and can be a valuable resource to patients wanting to discuss the different procedures. Surgery is yet another tool that may be appropriate for some patients as part of a holistic plan. Dr. Mansukhani refers to surgeons she trusts in the local area if requested.
  • Can Dr. Mansukhani be my primary care physician?
    Not exactly. While many patients want her to be their only physician due to the comprehensive care she provides, Dr. Mansukhani is not available for urgent medical needs such as acute infections etc, and so does not function in this capacity. She does manage several chronic conditions associated with being overweight such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and hypertension. She refers patients to internists and family physicians in the area as necessary.
  • Can I be a general endocrinology patient here even if I do not have a weight issue?
    Yes! Though Dr. Mansukhani's practice has focused on weight management for many years, she does have some general endocrine patients. Her areas of specialty are hypothyroidism, (in general and during pregnancy), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menopause, Type 2 diabetes, and weight management in Type 1 diabetics.
  • What if Fairfax, VA is not a convenient location for me? Can I still be a patient?"
    Dr. Mansukhani has patients who live and work in other cities, even in other countries. The ideal is for new patients to seen in the office when they establish care, and at least once every six months, thereafter. All other visits can be accomplished via telemedicine if desired. This includes phone and virtual appointments.
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